Why Rent

It Makes Cents $

Renting is more economical than purchasing. On average our rental prices are 1/4 the cost of purchasing.

We Deliver & Set up

We deliver your items right to your event site.  We set up our lighting and decor items.

We pick up

We pick-up rental items at the conclusion of your event. We handle the washing and you don't have to store unwanted items.


Don't waste valuable cargo space!

Is your event a destination wedding?  Why pack your decor items when you can have them delivered to the venue? 

  • Don't waste valuable cargo room on decor items. 
  • You'll need that space for formal wear and luggage.
  • Don't be bothered with returning items.  We'll pick them up!

We are professionals in the event lighting industry.

Lighting can be a hassle if you've never done it before. We have the proper equipment to get the job done right. Our electrical knowledge base will ensure a professional installation and trouble-free event.

Fabric and Light Swags

Let us handle the details.

Give us a call today and see how much we can save you.