Lighting is an incredibly important piece to almost any event, but often gets overlooked.

Lighting dictates how your guests see the event. The lighting that you choose can change the way that people view all of your decor, flowers, etc.  It's important to choose lighting that will fit in with everything you’ve already chosen.

Lighting sets the mood. Whether you are trying to set the mood for dancing, romance, or anything else, lighting is an excellent way to create ambiance.

Lighting affects your videos and photographs. Having a professional on your side will help to ensure that you have the optimal lighting solution.

Lighting can transform a room. Do you dream of holding your event somewhere majestic, but your budget doesn’t quite allow it? With the right lighting, even the blandest of rooms can look exquisite and expensive.

Lighting helps you to highlight specific areas of the room. This will help you to literally put a spotlight on your favorite decorations, the dance floor, or anything else you would like your guests to focus on.


Do you want the bright white house lights of the venue to dominate the room?  Or do you want to have lighting that depicts your feel and style?

Have you thought about the lighting during the dancing part of your reception?  Did you know that many times a wedding reception venue is too bright to get people dancing?   No matter how beautiful the venue is or how good your DJ is, if you are using the “house lights” at 100% your guests will be very self-conscious about dancing.  This is a fact.  People do not like others to see them dancing, especially when it feels like daylight in your reception.




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