Welcome to Quesenberry Designs Photography

I’m a Plumas County Portrait photographer and mother of two. I started out like most new mom’s, by taking photos of my kids.  My passion grew and so did they.  Soon I was teaching photography, Photoshop, graphic design and yearbook at our local high school.  I enjoyed taking photos of the school’s teams and athletes as well as many senior portraits. After nine years of teaching I decided to be a full time photographer. I enjoy the transformation that occurs during a photo shoot. Many of my clients start out very nervous and not quite sure what to expect. I work to find their comfort zone and personal style and by the end of the session we are laughing and creating natural portraits. I enjoy the creativity of photography and love trying new things. From the formal to the whimsical, I love it all.

I can’t help being authentically myself, as I’m sure my husband of 25 years will attest to. It’s difficult to contain my enthusiasm and energy. I enjoy people and interacting with different personalities. I think that’s why family photography is really fun for me. You just can’t predict how the little ones will be on picture day.  Most of the time toddlers are in charge of the photo shoot and that’s just fine with me.

My areas of expertise are kids, seniors, sports, and family portraits. I enjoy studio work as well as the outdoors.